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Evacuation Diagrams

The only question that needs to be answered from a fire safety perspective is:

Could your team and anyone else on site find safety in less than a few minutes?

Yes, a few minutes — potentially that’s how long you have to ensure the safety of everyone in your building in the event of a fire.

The biggest tool in your emergency planning toolbox is a well-crafted emergency evacuation diagram. Evacuation diagrams need to be simple, easy to read, and clearly show building occupants where they currently are in the building and how to get to safety quickly and easily. They should also show an alternative safe exit in case the nearest exit is not able to be accessed.

We create Emergency Evacuation Diagrams that not only meet all Australian fire safety compliance requirements, but are simple, easy to read, and are in fact, National Best Practice.

Contact one of our professionals and they can talk you through the process of creating diagrams specifically designed for your sites. Once we have drafts of your new evacuation diagrams, we will forward those for your review.

Each diagram will include:

  • Clear concise information on evacuation procedures.
  • Highlighted “You Are Here” notifications for each diagram.
  • The location of your nearest Emergency Exit and the clearest path to get there.
  • An alternative pathway to the next closest Emergency Exit (in case the nearest pathway becomes inaccessible).
  • The location of all Fire Equipment (Fire Hose Reels, Fire Blankets and Extinguishers).
  • Details of all Assembly Areas.
  • Emergency Contact information.


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