Sure, we do testing and tagging. But it’s the extra things we do that makes AWTT different. When you work with us, we:

  1. Work with you to design your compliance strategy
  2. Undertake all site inductions required
  3. Arrange the best time for testing to ensure minimal disruption to your business
  4. Ensure your staff are aware we are testing
  5. Apply barcoded asset tags to your cords and cables
  6. Supply ‘New to Service’ tags if required, for new items purchased between testing cycles
  7. Test for:
    a. Polarity AS/NZS3760
    b. Earth Continuity AS/NZS3760
    c. Insulation Resistance AS/NZS3760
    d. Differential leakage
    e. Touch leakage
    f. Load Functional Test
    g. Pre-load Test
  8. Apply easy to identify ‘Test Successful’ or ‘Test Failure’ tags
  9. Upload testing results to a Compliance Management System (CMS)
  10. Contact you proactively for re-testing

We can also do testing at our premises in West End if needed. This is great for equipment used by your team outside of your premises. We also work really closely with your IT department to ensure that we are only testing and tagging devices that are actually actively being used by your business. the extra things we do that makes AWTT different. When you work with us, we:

Our head office is in Brisbane, but we service a number of national clients, so have a presence and hold all the relevant statutory licences to be able to carry out our safety compliance testing in every state and territory. Below is a map showing where our current customers are located.

While we do look after a number of national clients with multiple locations, and thousands of devices, we work with all businesses who are looking for a better way to manage their safety compliance, regardless of size. Our systems and processes are completely scalable, and because we provide custom servicing schedules and reporting, we tailor our support to the individual business.

All of our services are carried out to the appropriate statutory requirements. We meet the exacting standards of: 3760, 2444, 1851, 3504, 2293.

AWTT holds a QBCC licence: 1316970 and Electrical Contractors Licence: 79776. We are also members of a number of industry associations, including The National Safety Council of Australia, The Master Electricians Association and we were a found member of NESTA: National Electrical Safety and Testing Association.

All compliance tasks should be recorded at the time of test, for reporting purposes. We have built a number of cloud based tools and systems, that allow us to load our test results as they happen. We call this our Compliance Management System or CMS.

Secure and with multiple backups, any of your nominated personnel can simply login and open any compliance report for any site, at any time and from any location. This is extremely useful for any internal or external WHS audits. These reports not only provide a summary of what was inspected and when, but will also list the results of individual tests thus demonstrating the asset is compliant with the current standards.

If you are looking to implement a safety compliance program in your business, we are absolutely the people to talk to. As industry specialists with over 10 years of experience, we can walk you through it step by step.

There are a number of variables that need to be considered, such as what the equipment is, where the equipment is located and how it is used. The AS/NZS 3760:2010 has provided some guidelines which we’ve shown here, but feel free to talk to us about building the right compliance solution for your business, so you know you are on the right track.

Want a customised compliance solution?

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that suits your business.