Fire Panel Testing

Fire Indicator Panel Testing Services

How do they work?

Fire Detection Systems have two main components — a Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) and Smoke or Heat Detectors. These systems do exactly what you would expect, monitor buildings for the presence of smoke and fire and alert occupants and emergency services. Additional manual triggers such as break glass units can be incorporated into the system so that occupants of the building can manually trigger the system in the event of a fire.

What Are the Requirements for Servicing?

The minimum requirements for servicing of Fire Detection Systems are specified in Australian Standards AS 1851-2012 Section 6, where it states that they require monthly, 6 monthly and 12 monthly inspections and testing, and 5 yearly preventive maintenance.

All states and territories have enacted legislation requiring building or facility owners (and in some instances tenants) to ensure required fire protection systems and equipment are properly maintained and able to fulfil their purpose. AWTT clients automatically receive updates of any changes made to legislation and we will make sure you remain compliant.

How We Keep You Safe and Compliant


Our qualified professionals will inspect all components of the Fire Indicator Panel and survey other components throughout the building looking for any sign of damage or deterioration.


Our monthly, 6 & 12 monthly testing will comply with all required elements outlined in the Australian Standards AS 1851-2012 Section 6.


We complete all tests required in standard one, six and twelve monthly inspections and services together with tests of each input and output supervised circuit, simulate a circuit fault condition, apply short circuits as required, and confirm that monitored systems are working.


We provide written reports for all inspections and tests. These reports contain all elements of work completed as per the requirements in the Australian Standards and will highlight anything requiring rectification. If rectification is required we will recommend tailored solutions.

The Guiding Document

The Australian Standard for the routine service of fire protection systems and equipment is AS 1851-2012. AWTT clients will be advised automatically should any amendments occur to this Standard or to any related State or Territory legislation.

Want a customised compliance solution?

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that suits your business.

Why Choose AWTT ?

  • We are driven to keep your staff, your clients, and your buildings safe
  • We are industry leaders with over 15 years experience
  • We utilise national best practice testing protocols and equipment, and we test every item, every time
  • Our schedule of testing visits is negotiated with you
  • We listen to your needs and requirements and we meet them
  • We carry extended Public Liability insurance ($20 million)
  • No franchises – our employees and selected quality contractors complete all work
  • Each member of our professional team has the correct licenses for each State and Territory
  • Every staff member has a current Police Check and a Working with Children (Blue) Card
  • We do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best