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What is Test and Tag? – Basically, we are testing the safety of portable electrical devices. Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of maintaining the electrical safety of your business, home or workplace. Let us help you have confidence in the safety of your portable appliances.

The process firstly involves a visual inspection of appliances for signs or damage or deterioration. Following this step the appliance is tested electronically using a Portable Appliance Testing device. Once complete, we will apply a compliance label to demonstrate this and to indicate the testing schedule which applies for this type of device.

The guidelines for the test and tag industry are contained in AS/NZS 3760. Depending on your industry, your portable electrical equipment may need to be tested 3,6 or 12 monthly. We are able to assist you with making sure you are compliant with legislation.

We work with all types of businesses – from multi nationals to sole traders. We can work with you. We pride ourselves on providing a Premium Service at an affordable price.

Want a customised compliance solution?

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that suits your business.


AWTT has a ‘people first’ philosophy and this is seen first and foremost in the standards we abide by with regard to electrical safety and compliance. More than that though, it also impacts the way we treat our staff and contractors, and how we partner with our clients.

Our logo is designed to help remind us of this philosophy. Nicknamed Pluggo, this happy guy appears on all compliant assets.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service, building an enduring working partnership and laying the foundation for future growth and success of your company and ours.

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  1. We are the industry leaders, having been testing and tagging for over 10 years
  2. We only conduct best practice testingwe test every item, every time.
  3. All of our Electricians have the correct licenses for all states and territories
  4. All of our staff have had thorough police and background checks
  5. We carry extended Public Liability insurance ($20 million)
  6. We use purpose specific testing equipment that is suitable for sensitive equipment
  7. We do not franchise, so we maintain consistency in processes and testing procedures
  8. Our testing schedule is transparent and can be monitored by you
  9. We work with you to build a compliance program to meet your needs
  10. We take care of it all and make it seamless and easy to stay compliant